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Katy Perry live pushes the limits of mixed-reality storytelling

I can’t say I love the song, but props to the whole team who pulled off this ambitious set piece:

As VR Scout notes,

With the exception of a single yellow chair, it appears as though every visual shown during the performance was generated in post. What really sells the performance, however, is the choreography. Throughout the entirety of the performance, Perry reacts and responds to every visual element shown “on-stage”.

Cool multicolor painting tools arrive in Adobe Fresco

I’ve always been part of that weird little slice of the Adobe user population that gets really hyped about offbeat painting tools—from stretching vectors along splines & spraying out fish in Illustrator (yes, they’re both in your copy right now; no, you’ve never used them), to painting with slick features that got pulled from Photoshop before release & somehow have never returned. I still wish we’d been able to shoehorn GPU-powered watercolor into Photoshop’s, er, venerable compositing engine, but so it goes. (A 15-year-old demo still lives at one of my best URLs ever, )

In any event, the Adobe Fresco team has just unveiled a raft of new features, including some trippy multicolor painting capabilities. Check it out:

Open-source AR face doodling, right in your browser

Back when I was pitching myself for the job I somehow got in Google AI’s Perception group, I talked a lot about democratizing access to perceptive tech to enable permissionless innovation. Not that I can take any credit for it, but I love seeing more of the vision become reality through tech the team has built:

Adobe teams up with Shepard Fairey, invites you to honor healthcare workers

Here’s how it works:

  • “Choose a person you’d like to honor.
  • Use Photoshop or your favorite creative app to create a portrait.
  • Share on Instagram or Twitter with #HonorHeroes and tag @Adobe.”

The campaign will see creatives from around the world coming together to express gratitude through original works. The first piece comes from founder of street fashion giant OBEY, Shepard Fairey, who created a personal tribute via an illustration called Guts not Glory

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see other personal works from artists such as Aaron DraplinDonna Adi Jessica Walsh and Ignasi Monreal.


Oil paintings come alive in AR

A couple of years ago, Adobe unveiled some really promising style-transfer tech that could apply the look of oil paintings to animated characters:

I have no idea whether it uses any of the same tech, but now 8th Wall is bringing a similar-looking experience to augmented reality via an entirely browser-based stack—very cool:


Beautiful illustrations of crappy reviews

These loving treatments of 1-star reviews of natural treasures are pretty wonderful:

[D]esigner Amber Share decided to create a series of hilarious travel posters for all 61 parks, featuring the Internet’s funniest, snarky comments.

Share came up with the idea for her Subpar Parks series as a way to “put a positive, fun spin on such a negative mindset.” Each retro-style poster design features colorful graphic renditions of America’s mountains, lakes, and forests. However, each pretty scene is matched with hand lettering that spells out the bad reviews.