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A brilliantly projection-painted car looks Photoshopped out

“Dude, you’re so transparent,” I once told a girl-chasing Photoshop engineer, “I can see a little checkerboard right through you.”

That came to mind seeing this project, which I find just unreasonably charming:


As part of the Stenograffia street art and graffiti festival in Russia, a collaborative of artists worked to create this phenomenal illusion that appears to “erase” a collection of graffiti from a small car and trash dumpster. With the help of a projector, the team painted the familiar grey and white checker grid found in most graphics applications that denotes a deleted or transparent area. The piece is titled “CTRL+X” in reference to the keyboard command in Photoshop for deleting a selection. You can see nearly 100 behind-the-scenes photos of their process here.


[Via some Facebook friend of whose original post I’ve lost track]

Google Toontastic 3D adds characters from Cars & Fruit Ninja

Your kids may commence losing their minds in 3, 2,… 🚗😄

Kids can now create their very own cartoons with Lightning McQueen and Mater as well as new characters Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez and Miss Fritter. Two playsets from the film are included—the Florida 500 raceway and the Thunder Hollow demolition derby. Kids can also get an inside look into how animated movies are made with a “behind the scenes” tour of Pixar Animation Studios in the app. “Cars 3” characters and playsets can be added to cartoons until September 30.

Grab the free storytelling app for iOS and Android.

I was really pleased to hear how popular it’s proven:

Since January kids have created 2.5 million cartoons with 24,000 hours of content. That’s nearly three years worth of swashbuckling adventures, intergalactic explorations, inquisitive science reports and inventive design pitches.



Gatorade’s amazing ad uses water & strobes to print on air

You know what wasn’t 1/10th as elegant or impressive as this? Me sweating through box jumps today. So behold something prettier:

PetaPixel writes,

The water printer itself comprises over 20,000 parts, and took over 5,000 man hours to construct. The printer they built had 2,048 individual nozzles, which turned on and off within 2 milliseconds. The strobes were then set to freeze the droplets mid-air. James Medcraft, the project’s director of photography explains: “We’re using the flash to freeze the water droplets at a very precise moment in space, and we’re having to do that with millimeter and microsecond accuracy.”

Here’s a look behind the scenes:



“Nutella Unica”: Algorithmic hazelnut artwork FTW

Warhol painted dozens of identical Campbell’s soup cans. Now, thanks to algorithmically driven printing, every consumer object can be unique:

With the help of Ogilvy & Mather Italy, seven million Nutella jars were made, each donned in a one-of-a-kind label. The packaging design for the ‘Nutella Unica’ series was brought to life using an algorithm that combined colors and patterns to create millions of dissimilar arrangements. 

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Auto-create your animated avatar in Google Allo

Think next-gen Bitmoji. Check it:

Today, Google is introducing a feature in Allo that uses a combination of neural networks and the work of artists to turn your selfie into a personalized sticker pack. Simply snap a selfie, and it’ll return an automatically generated illustrated version of you, on the fly, with customization options to help you personalize the stickers even further.

If you’re interested in the machine-learning technology that makes all this possible, check out lots of detail from the Google Research team.