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Flex Your Textures: New plug-in & free downloads

  • Luxology, makers of the super cool modo 3D modeling package, have introduced imageSynth, a $99 plug-in for creating tiling textures within Photoshop. Check out the 4-minute video intro to see this interactive approach to tile generation, or see the press release for more info.
  • If you’d rather stick with Photoshop’s built-in tools, check out Dave Nagel’s Texture Generators, a set of 15 actions for creating paper and other rough textures. Dave’s article for Digital Producer Magazine links to the actions and walks through how to use them.
  • And if you’re looking for textures that are good to go as-is (or that can be used as nice seeds for imageSynth, etc.), check out Texture King, a great set of free images offered by site creator REH3design. [Via]
  • [Update: Enrique Flouret from The Photoshop Roadmap offers a tutorial on texture creation using the new Filter Forge toolset.]

Mojizu: Social networking through character design

Like Japanese-style character design? You’ll be among kindred spirits at Mojizu, a site devoted to creating, sharing, and discussing little creations (“Mojis”). Members send their Mojis into battle, and the most popular ones make their way into merchandise & are up for various prizes. (Oh, and Illustrator being involved, there are of course more pinups involved.) [Via Phil “The Phillustrator” Guindi, Illustrator PM]

Pimp My Wildlife, Photoshop-style

Heh–no real attributions to the artist(s) are provided, but these animal mash-ups are quite well done. Sadly enough, no one created a liger (which apparently does exist) or a manticore. Gosh!
[Update: Jeff Tranberry points out the weirdo “carcass art” of MART: the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists. Much unwholesome madness is in their gallery. If someday I want to get my beloved cat posthumously placed onto a hang glider, or into a Kung Fu pose, etc. I’ll know where to turn.
MART in turn links to Beast Blender, a Flash-based tool for banging out custom critters. (Hey, I think I did a portrait of one of my high school teachers.)]

Kinetic Sculptures, Paper Tigers

Vector Vixens, Belgian Béziers

Photoshop 9.0.2 update for Windows available; Mac due shortly

The Photoshop 9.0.2 update for Windows is available on It fixes a handful of irritating issues that weren’t caught for the 9.0.1 update:

  • Menus now respond correctly after a single click.
  • Undo/Redo work properly when multiple documents are open.
  • Photoshop no longer produces a program error when encountering unsupported file types through the Acrobat Touchup workflow.
  • Supported files that incorrectly produced an “unsupported color space” message now open as expected.
  • TIFF files with layer data greater than 2GB now open correctly.

If you haven’t updated Photoshop CS2 with the previous 9.0.1 update, no worries: 9.0.2 contains those fixes as well.
We expect the Mac version of 9.0.2 to follow shortly. The Mac and Windows updates both got posted via the automated update system last week, but we quickly discovered that a fix for a printing issue on Mac OS X 10.4 caused a crash on systems running OS X 10.3 and earlier (doh!). We pulled the update off the server and will repost it as soon as the 10.3 printing crash is fixed. If you’ve already updated and aren’t affected by that crash, you’re all set (and won’t need to install the updated 9.0.2). If you are affected by the crash, you’ll need to reinstall Photoshop CS2, then apply the revised 9.0.2 update. Sorry about the confusion and hassle there.

Letters del Fuego; Catch Me If You Can

  • French kids play with matches in Typographie-Bougies, creating letterforms from numerous candles. YouTube also offers a little behind the scenes clip for this film. (It’s kind of funny that even 90-second movies now get their own “making-of” featurettes.)
  • Most of the rest of the YouTube type section is, like most of YouTube, crap, but stumbling upon some great Saul Bass pieces (Psycho, Anatomy of a Murder, and The Man with the Golden Arm) made me think of a modern sequence that evolves that aesthetic masterfully: Catch Me If You Can.
  • Presenting the Photoshop CS2 "Fauxtography" Edition

    Sometimes I feel that Adobe is a bit like the guys who make radar guns and radar detectors–with one hand working on tools for detecting image manipulation, and with the other enabling ever more seamless manipulation. Cartoonist JD Frazer finds humor in the latter with the “Photoshop Tool Palette for ‘Creative’ Freelancers.” (As it happens, a while back at least one large newsroom used ResEdit to hack tools out of Photoshop–not, of course, that there’s a technical cure for human/ethical problems.) [Via Mike Richman]

    Lightroom Podcast #17: Richard Morgenstein

    During the Iceland adventure George Jardine sat down with photographer Richard Morgenstein to talk about the experience. Because this is an enhanced podcast, you can view images in iTunes as the talk progresses (here’s a screenshot)–very cool. George writes,

    Richard talks about the weather in Iceland, the roads, and the “space” he’s found here in Iceland. He walks us through everything from the big views to the small views, and gives us a glimpse into how he found exciting compositional material everywhere in the objects and landscapes of Iceland.
    Richard also discusses how the landscape interacts with the weather, and what he was able to capture using various lighting, focus and B&W techniques.
    This “enhanced” podcast includes photos taken by Richard in Iceland, and they can be viewed on Photo and Video iPods. Only the audio track will be heard on other devices. I apologize for the minor audio difficulties near the end of this interview.

    The podcast is available as an MP3 file via George’s iDisk (under “0803-2 Podcast”). It’s also available via the Lightroom podcasts RSS feed, and by searching for “Lightroom” in iTunes.