Lightroom Podapalooza: #14, 15, & 16

22 hours of light each day = plenty of time for chewing the fat with photographers, and George Jardine has been uploading the fruits of his labors to his iDisk. New podcasts (each enhanced to display pictures on photo- or video-enabled iPod) include the following:

#14: Peter Krogh
Peter calls the Lightroom Iceland Adventure the “lack of sleep adventure”, not only because of the ultra-long daylight shooting hours, but because of the energy the group has found for the project. Peter talks to us about his personal expectations for capturing pictures that appeal to him, and leads us through the photographs he’s captured during the long week.
#15: John Isaac
John talks about how Iceland was still a rare treat, after photographing in over 100 countries during his illustrious career as a photographer with the United Nations. He talks about the landscape, the color, and the opportunities to study the intricate visual details of this fascinating country.
#16: Martin Sundberg
Martin talks about the photographs he’s captured here in Iceland, and how his expectation for what he would encounter was a bit different from what he actually found. We talk about the weather, the geothermal aspect of the environment, and how that plays a key role in the types of pictures he was able to capture.

The podcasts are also available via the iTunes store (search for “Lightroom”) and via the Lightroom RSS feed.

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