Monthly Archives: March 2014

GravitySketch enables 3D sketching in virtual space

First response: whoa.

Second response: The results here are incredibly low fidelity (compared, say, to what an industrial designer could do with a simple marker & pencil), and I’m reminded of an ancient Apple commercial that depicted a guy sketching the idea for a helicopter-car on a napkin, then scanning it into his Mac. It looked great initially, but was it actually useful? We shall see.

[Vimeo] [Via]

Unnumbered Sparks: A giant collaborative drawing/sculpture

Check out this beautiful piece that runs atop Google Chrome:

Unnumbered Sparks is an interactive net sculpture that spans 745 feet between buildings in Vancouver that passersby can control via their smartphones. According to the project’s technology video, the entire piece is basically “a distributed website on the sculpture,” or a bunch of web browsers working together to manipulate light, sound, and movement. [Via]


Come make some delightful music & visuals—right here, right now.

Turn on your speakers, click the box below, and then press letters on your keyboard:

The Fox Is Black writes,

The project is a collaboration between Jono Brandel, who has a knack for combining design with computer wizardry, and Lullatone, a musical duo based out of Nagoya, Japan. Together they’ve made abeautiful fusion of technology, design, art, and music that I’ve rarely seen achieved.