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A giant Photoshop eraser vs. London

Years ago, I told a certain Photoshop engineer that when it came to girls, “Man, you’re so transparent, I can see a little checkerboard right through you!”

Riffing on that same visual idiom, this project by Guus Ter Beek & Tayfun Sarier is brilliantly simple. Designboom writes, “[T]he giant playful labels illustrate the familiar grey and white checkerboard pattern, visible when using the eraser tool in photoshop. Eliminating graffitti from traffic signs, color from mailboxes and portions of billboards, the intervention seemingly reveals a concealed world beneath our own.”


[Via Joe Ault]

Four-color flava

4CP (Four Color Process) is a gorgeous new collection of vintage comic artwork rendered at extreme close-up. In addition to the great images, they’ve posted an interesting manifesto on what they’re doing & why. (“Four-color process delivers surplus, independent information, a kind of visual monosodium glutamate that makes the comic book panel taste deeper.”)



[Via Jason Santa Maria]

The beauty of everyday physics

Not Fountains of Wayne, but fountains of chain: Check out the beautiful kinetic sculpture that comes from ordinary household materials:

The NYT breaks down what’s going on:

And if that floats your boat (yanks your chain?), check out When Water Flows Uphill:

Colossal explains,

The folks over at Science Friday made this fascinating video about the Leidenfrost Effect, where water dropped on an extremely hot surface is capable of floating instead of immediately evaporating. While studying the bizarre effect, physicists at the University of Bath realized that not only does the water float, but under the right conditions and temperatures it can actually climb upward. The playful experiments lead to the creation of an incredible superheated maze.

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