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AI: Russell Brown talks Generative Fill

I owe a lot of my career to Adobe’s O.G. creative director—one of the four names on the Photoshop 1.0 splash screen—and seeing his starry-eyed exuberance around generative imaging has been one of my absolute favorite things over the past year. Now that Generative Fill has landed in Photoshop, Russell’s doing Russell things, sharing a bunch of great new tutorials. I’ll start by sharing two:

Check out his foundational Introduction to Generative Fill:

And then peep some tips specifically on getting desired shapes using selections:

Stay tuned for more soon!

LinkedIn Learning tackles Firefly

Check out this new course from longtime Adobe expert Jan Kabili:

Adobe Firefly is an exciting new generative AI imaging tool from Adobe. With Firefly, you can create unique images and text effects by typing text prompts and choosing from a variety of style inputs. In this course, imaging instructor and Adobe trainer Jan Kabili introduces Firefly. She explains what Firefly can offer to your creative workflow, and what makes it unique in the generative AI field. She demonstrates how to generate images from prompts, built-in styles, and reference images, and shares tips for generating one of a kind text effects. Finally, Jan shows you how to use images generated by Firefly to create a unique composite in Photoshop.

A fun conversation: Firefly & the future

Here’s me, talking fast about anything & everything related to Firefly and possibilities around creative tools. Give ‘er a listen if you’re interested (or, perhaps, are just suffering from insomnia 😌):

Come try Generative Fill on the Web, no wait required!

There’s a roughly zero percent chance that you both 1) still find this blog & 2) haven’t already seen all the Generative Fill coverage from our launch yesterday 🎉. I’ll have a lot more to say about that in the future, but for now, you can check out the module right now and get a quick tour here:

And here’s a rad little workflow optimization I’m proud we were able to sneak in:

AI: A fun conversation with Bilawal & me

I had a ball catching up with my TikTok-rockin’ Google 3D veteran friend Bilawal Sidhu on Twitter yesterday. We (okay, mostly I) talked for the better part of 2.5 hours (!), which you can check out here if you’d like. I’ll investigate whether there’s a way to download, transcribe, and summarize our chat. 🤖 In the meantime, I’d love to hear any comments it brings to mind.

Firefly Faves FTW!


Note that this is just a first step: favorites are stored locally in your browser, not (yet) synced with the cloud. We want to build from here to enable really easy sharing & discovery of great presets. Stay tuned, and please let us know what you think!

My interview & demos with Deke

Hah, OMG:

  • No one should be this excited to talk to me.
  • Deke kindly & wildly overstates the scope of my role at Adobe.

But hey, what the hell, I’ll take it!

I had a lot of fun chatting with my old friend Deke McClelland, getting to show off a new possible module (stylizing vectors), demoing 3D-to-image, and more. Here, have at it if you must. 😅

00:00 Introducing John Nack

00:33 Adobe Firefly Preview #1: Discrete Asset Generation

02:39 One Day, Masked Assets?

04:01 A.I. Assets from the Libraries Panels?

05:32 ControlNet Is Wild

07:41 An A.I. Beer Commercial, from an Alien’s POV

08:19 Plug

08:39 Adobe Firefly Preview #2: 3D

10:51 Wrapping Your 3D Objects in A.I. Textures

11:56 Firefly Does Not Limit You to a Command-Line Prompt

13:06 Keeping It Safe for Work

15:17 Adobe Firefly Preview #3: Inpainting

16:52 Filling a Background with A.I.

17:38 Remove Is So Much Better Than Content-Aware Fill

19:41 When Can We Upload Custom SVG Logos to Type Effects?

20:40 Check Out Posts by Bilawal Sidhu

21:41 OTF Character Replacement with Wonder Studio

22:08 NeRF Turns Video into a 3D Object

23:29 Select Anything Meets Video

23:52 John’s Blog:

24:16 Adobe Firefly Preview #4: Video

25:10 Could I Synthesize Sound FX? Story Boards?

25:38 The Unexpected Power of Cute 3D Characters

28:07 Wrapping Up with Deke and John

Some great demos of Recolor Vectors

Veteran author Deke McClelland has posted a fun 1-minute tour of the new Recolor Vectors module:

And for a deeper dive, check out his 20-minute version:

Meanwhile my color-loving colleague Hep (who also manages the venerable joined me for a live stream on Discord last Friday. It’s fun to see her spin on how best to apply various color harmonies and other techniques, including to her own beautiful illustrations:

Sneak peek: Adobe Firefly 3D

I had a ball presenting Firefly during this past week’s Adobe Live session. I showed off the new Recolor Vectors feature, and my teammate Samantha showed how to put it to practical use (along with image generation) as part of a moodboarding exercise. I think you’d dig the whole session, if you’ve got time.

The highlight for me was the chance to give an early preview of the 3D-to-image creation module we have in development:

My demo/narrative starts around the 58:10 mark:

Check out Firefly’s new Recolor Vectors module

Our first new module has just arrived 🎉, so grab your SVGs & make a path (oh my God) to the site.

From the team post:

Vector recoloring in the Firefly beta now enables you to:

  • Enter detailed text descriptions to generate colors and color palette variations in seconds
  • Use a drop-down menu to generate different vector styles that fit your creative needs
  • Gain creative assistance and inspiration by quickly generating color options that bring your visions to life in an instant

As always, we’d love to hear what you think of the tools & what you’d like to see next!

Adobe announces new Firefly plans for video

Our friends in Digital Video & Audio have lots of interesting irons in the fire!

From the team blog post:

To start, we’re exploring a range of concepts, including:

  • Text to color enhancements: Change color schemes, time of day, or even the seasons in already-recorded videos, instantly altering the mood and setting to evoke a specific tone and feel. With a simple prompt like “Make this scene feel warm and inviting,” the time between imagination and final product can all but disappear.
  • Advanced music and sound effects: Creators can easily generate royalty-free custom sounds and music to reflect a certain feeling or scene for both temporary and final tracks.
  • Stunning fonts, text effects, graphics, and logos: With a few simple words and in a matter of minutes, creators can generate subtitles, logos and title cards and custom contextual animations.
  • Powerful script and B-roll capabilities: Creators can dramatically accelerate pre-production, production and post-production workflows using AI analysis of script to text to automatically create storyboards and previsualizations, as well as recommending b-roll clips for rough or final cuts.
  • Creative assistants and co-pilots: With personalized generative AI-powered “how-tos,” users can master new skills and accelerate processes from initial vision to creation and editing.

Animated Drawings tech + Firefly = 🍬🌽🕺🏻

Meta Research has introduced Animated Drawings, “A Method for Automatically Animating Children’s Drawings of the Human Figure” (as their forthcoming paper is titled).

You can try it out via their Web interface, and/or take a bit more technical dive here:

I’m of course delighted to see folks starting to use it to bring their Adobe Firefly creations to life:

Demo: Creating cute characters in Adobe Firefly

Adobe prototyper Lee Brimelow has been happily distracting himself by creating delightful little creatures using Firefly, like this:

Today he joined us for a live stream on Discord (below), sharing details about his explorations so far. He also shared a Google Doc that contains details, including a number of links you can click in order to kick off the creation process. Enjoy, and please let me know what kinds of things you’d like to see us cover in future sessions.

A peek at upcoming Firefly enhancements

On Thursday I had the chance to talk with folks via a Discord livestream, demoing vector recoloring enhancements (not yet shipping, but getting close), talking about how we evaluate feature requests, showing some early thinking about saving presets, talking about “FM technology” (F’ing Magic), and more. Check it out if you’re interested:

I promise I don’t have this stupid look on my face all the time. 😅

A fun Firefly-powered composite 🐰⚔️

Happy Easter!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to make and composite things like this right in Photoshop? I can’t speak for that team, of course, but it’s easy to imagine ways that one might put the proverbial chocolate into the peanut butter.

A pair of cute Firefly animations

O.G. animator Chris Georgenes has been making great stuff since the 90’s (anybody else remember Home Movies?), and now he’s embracing Adobe Firefly. He’s using it with both Adobe Animate…

…and After Effects:

Upcoming Firefly events

Come meet Adobe folks & fellow creators in person!

  • London (4/15) (Rufus Deuchler presenting)
  • NYC (4/20) (Terry White + Brooke Hopper presenting)
  • SF (4/26) (Paul Trani + Brooke Hopper presenting)

Here’s info for the London event:


We are finally back in London! Join us for a VERY special creative community night.

Get to know the latest from Adobe creative tools, Adobe Express and Adobe Firefly. Learn why you should have Adobe Express on your list of tools to quickly create standout content for social media and beyond using beautiful templates from Adobe. We’ll show you how to leverage your designed assets from Photoshop in to your workflow.

We’re also presenting Adobe Firefly, a generative AI made for creators. With the beta version of the first Firefly model, you can use everyday language to generate extraordinary new content. Get ready to create unique posters, banners, social posts, and more with a simple text prompt. With Firefly, the plan is to do this and more — like uploading a mood board to generate totally original, customizable content.

Meet creators, artists, writers, and designers. Plus hang out with Chris Do and The Futur team! With sips, snacks, and a spotlight on inspiring projects — you won’t want to miss this.  

Space is limited, please register now.  

Good Firefly perspective: livestream & space

I enjoyed hearing my colleagues & outside folks discussing the origin, vision, and road ahead for Adobe Firefly in this livestream…

Eric Snowden is the VP of Design at Adobe and is responsible for the product design teams for the Digital Media business, which include Creative Cloud…. Nishat Akhtar is a designer and creative leader with 15+ years of experience in designing and leading initiatives for global brands… Danielle Morimoto is a Design Manager for Adobe Express, based in San Francisco.

…and this Twitter space, featuring our group’s CTO Ely Greenfield, along with creator Karen X. Cheng (whose work I’ve featured here countless times), illustrator & brush creator Kyle T. Webster, and director of design Samantha Warren. Scrub ahead to about 2:45 to get to the conversation.

Some great Firefly reels

Hey, remember when we launched Adobe Firefly what feels like 63 years ago? 😅 OMG, what a week. I am so tired & busy trying to get folks access (thanks for your patience!), answer questions, and more that I’ve barely had time to catch up on all the great content folks are making. I’ll work on that soon, and in the meantime, here are three quick clips that caught my eye.

First, OG author Deke McClelland shows off type effects:

@dekenow Create Type Effects Out of Thin Air with Adobe Firefly #AdobeFirefly #photoshop #genai #deketok #typeeffects #texteffect #news ♬ original sound – Deke McClelland

Next, Kyle Nutt does some light painting, compositing himself into Firefly images:

And here Don Allen Stevenson puts Firefly creations into augmented reality with the help of Adobe Aero:

A creator’s perspective on Firefly & ethics

I really appreciate hearing Karen X. Cheng’s thoughts on the essential topics of consent, compensation, and more. We’ve been engaging in lots of very helpful conversations with creators, and there’s of course much more to sort through. As always, your perspective here is most welcome.

Introducing Adobe Firefly!

I’m so pleased—and so tired! 😅—to be introducing Adobe Firefly, the new generative imaging foundation that a passionate band of us have been working to bring to the world. Check out the high-level vision…

…as well as the part more directly in my wheelhouse: the interactive preview site & this overview of great stuff that’s waiting in the wings:

I’ll have a lot more to share soon. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think of what you see so far!