Introducing Generative Match in Firefly

Hey everyone—I’m just back from Adobe MAX, and hopefully my blog is back from some WordPress database shenanigans that have kept me from posting.

I don’t know what the site will enable right now, so I’ll start by simply pointing to a great 30-second tour of my favorite new feature in Firefly, Generative Match. It enables you to upload your own image as a style reference, or to pick one that Adobe provides, and mix it together with your prompt and other parameters.

You can then optionally share the resulting recipe (via “Copy link” in the Share menu that appears over results), complete with the image ingredient; try this example. This goes well beyond what one can do with just copying/pasting a prompt, and as we introduce more multimodal inputs (3D object, sketching, etc.), it’ll become all the more powerful.

All images below were generated with the following prompt: a studio portrait of a fluffy llama, hyperrealistic, shot on a white cyclorama + various style images:

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