Lightroom Podcast #11: Bill Atkinson & Michael Reichmann

Bill Atkinson (the father of MacPaint, among other accomplishments) and expert photographer Michael Reichmann check in from Iceland in the latest Lightroom podcast. George Jardine writes,

These two very accomplished photographers shed some light on the spectacular environment for photography here in Iceland. This podcast was recorded Tuesday, August 1st 2006, in Nesbud, Iceland. Michael and Bill are interviewed as part of a group of 12 photographers that are here to work with the Adobe Lightroom team on Mikkel Aaland’s upcoming Lightroom book project.

While listening, you can peruse the great images these guys have been taking. The podcast is available as an MP3 file via George’s iDisk (under “0801 Podcast”). It should also be available shortly via this RSS feed, and by searching for “Lightroom” in iTunes.

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