Adobe TV: Monster creation, Web optimization, & more

You might find these recent video tutorials interesting:

  • The Russell Brown Show – Halloween Monster Make-Up Kit

    In this special “Halloween” edition of the Russell Brown Show, you’ll learn how to turn people into monsters. Russell even gives you the files you’ll need to do it!

  • MAX 2009 Design – Photoshop CS4: Essential Techniques and Killer Tips with Terry White

    Learn the must-have skills for working with Photoshop and digital images, including color correction, masking, image restoration, and retouching. Terry White will answer the most frequently asked questions on working with digital images and more.

  • Visual Design – Photoshop CS4: The Essentials of Image Enhancement for Web and Flash Designers

    Learn essential skills for using Photoshop CS4 to produce images that look great and load fast for the web and for use with Flash Professional. We’ll reveal hidden optimization tools and quick techniques for making images look their best, and more.

  • Visual Design – Edit Quicker and Faster in Illustrator CS4

    Join Design Evangelist Rufus Deuchler as he shows how you can save time when applying and editing fills, strokes, effects and more with the new Appearance panel in Illustrator CS4.

  • 2 thoughts on “Adobe TV: Monster creation, Web optimization, & more

    1. Jack,
      WOW, I just figured out that I could save these video to my adobe media player for my personal library. For me I look at so many training “stuff” for Adobe Apps, you guys have are over the top for me.
      I want to thank adobe for being customer centric. I am so grateful for a guy who does not file “stuff” right.
      So simple, thank adobe for me
      Ken in KY

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