Frogoshopping, Tennis, and Smackdowns (oh my)

The always-entertaining features a great frog-modification contest. I’m humbled by these folks’ skills.
These contests remind me of the Photoshop tennis matches that people started playing a few years ago (tossing a PSD back and forth, adding layers to riff on your partner’s work). The original site is taking a break, but many fun matches are documented in the rather generically named Photoshop: Secrets of the Pros.
Along similar lines, Adobe and Aquent are sponsoring Studio Smackdown 2, which puts designers head to head using Flash and the Creative Suite. Should be good.

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  1. At Greg Vander Houwen’s Photoshop Techniques, multiple kind of games are run: the Volleyshop, that is similar to a Photoshop Tennis, but can have several players.
    Ironshop is a game where players have to create an image with elements from other provided images
    In the Exquisite CorPSe, players have to continue other’s image with just a few pixels as a clue. A spin off of this game is the Quilt, where a grid of pixels is visible for everybody and each player has to create his tile.
    Look for the Coliseum at

  2. You are welcome, John! Indeed, several forums/fora (pick your favorite spelling) conduct tennis or “compositing” games; sometimes with prizes, like did recently.
    Another kind of game was the actions challenge made by where one had to create the best action to win a prize.
    If I’m not mistaken, there are some games going on on the Photoshop Elements section of Adobe’s own user to user forums, at
    Also, worth mentionning is the International Boards Challenge where different forums from all over the world compete in a friendly match. I think that it is up to the Guru’s Network to organize the next one, but I might be wrong… (nudge nudge, wink wink, folks 😉 )
    Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie

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