Lightroom Beta 2 now on Adobe Labs

The second preview version of Adobe Lightroom has been posted on Adobe Labs. Highlights:

  • Now available as a Universal Binary for compatibility with Intel-based Apple hardware
  • Crop and Straighten tools included in the Develop module
  • Ability to add music to slideshows
  • Ability to create hierarchical keyword sets
  • XMP import and export capabilities. (Please consult Known Issues list for details)
  • Improved Edit in Photoshop capabilities
  • Improved metadata handling
  • White balance support for the Nikon D2X, D2Hs and D50 cameras

The team continues to work on the Windows version of Lightroom, but it’s not ready to share yet. As for resources, Photography Evangelist George Jardine has posted a new video covering the Develop module, building on his earlier introductory video, and Jeff Schewe has posted info and screenshots on

0 thoughts on “Lightroom Beta 2 now on Adobe Labs

  1. JNack,
    I commend you and the rest of the Adobe folks for their hard work. I was about to respond to this threat to say this before I even saw your post. My original point was going to be: “Wow, Adobe must really care about the Mac to be so quick in this Universal transition! Kudos to Adobe for their high regard for the Mac using population.”
    Seriously, Adobe is really showing their commitment to the Mac. They have introduced a brand new piece of software, that so far is Mac only (I believe….right?). I can understand why they would not undertake to change the CS2 into Universals, when they are already at work on the new versions. That would be a waste of manpower and money. It is a business decision that I can respect, especially when everyone would be “DEMANDING” the upgrade to Universal be free (which would be unreasonable, I think).
    I have no connection to Adobe at all. But I wish that zealots would lay off them already. I respect hard work and the fruits of one’s labor.
    Ronald Schoedel

  2. Although I have been given what appears as logical reasons for why there is no PC version (waiting for Vista, a lot changing, wanting to give the best experience, etc) and I am happy that the Mac front gets to taste this seemingly great App, I disagree and think it is a bad move on Adobe’s part, I explain.
    Vista is almost a year away, the requirements (hardware) to take advantage of the ‘new’ graphical elements and power are way high and although I will probably be an early adopter of Vista, most studios and photographers will hold onto their PC and XP for quite a while longer. The PC lacks a tool as elegant as what Adobe offers with this (bridge is not quite there yet, sorry) the Mac has Aperture, PC has nothing. A good XP beta could have been developed as well; after all, most of your PC users will be on XP for a while. If Adobe wishes to play the Mac audience, good for them, but don’t be surprised when PC users choose Iview media pro 3 or Rawshooter instead to satisfy their needs for the long time. Loyalty to Adobe depends on the loyalty adobe shows to us PC users, and at the moment, to not be part of this development, to not be able to comment on the growth (being beta), that is, for Adobe not to care about our experience on the pc side when building the app while cementing he main interface, etc, makes me, and many other professional photographers I know, look to other offerings to seem to cater to our needs. Sorry if it sounds harsh, just my thoughts and those of 8 other professional photographers pestering me right now to finish this message so we can go to dinner.
    [We know we need to get the Windows version out there, and we’re working hard on it, I promise. Sorry that we can’t yet provide a good ETA. –J.]

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