Flex Your Textures: New plug-in & free downloads

  • Luxology, makers of the super cool modo 3D modeling package, have introduced imageSynth, a $99 plug-in for creating tiling textures within Photoshop. Check out the 4-minute video intro to see this interactive approach to tile generation, or see the press release for more info.
  • If you’d rather stick with Photoshop’s built-in tools, check out Dave Nagel’s Texture Generators, a set of 15 actions for creating paper and other rough textures. Dave’s article for Digital Producer Magazine links to the actions and walks through how to use them.
  • And if you’re looking for textures that are good to go as-is (or that can be used as nice seeds for imageSynth, etc.), check out Texture King, a great set of free images offered by site creator REH3design. [Via]
  • [Update: Enrique Flouret from The Photoshop Roadmap offers a tutorial on texture creation using the new Filter Forge toolset.]

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