Sweet sassy molassey, that's some big glass!

Maybe the photography gods are trying to tell me to suck it up & buy a decent zoom lens already: after looking at this 1700mm f/4 monstrosity from Carl Zeiss, a 70-200 f/2.8 looks positively svelte. “Developed for long distance wildlife photography,” says Zeiss, this 563lb (!!) warhammer ain’t playin’. As my boss Kevin said, “You don’t lug that thing around; you put an engine on it and drive it home!” [Via Chris Quartetti]
[Update: As Bryan notes below, the side of the lens contains what appears to be Arabic script. Folks at T.O.P. offer more detail & comments.]

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  1. Looking at the top view, it appears there is Arabic script on the side making me wonder if this was a specific request by someone, perhaps in the Royal House of Saud or some equivalent? It’s gotta be a one off, so if ya gotta ask…..
    [Heh–“bespoke glass,” as it were. I like it. –J.]

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