Free Lightroom presets for download

onOne product manager Mike Wong has some good news to share: the company has teamed up with author Jack Davis to offer a set of 85 develop presets for Lightroom, and these are now available as a free download.  (The installer copies the files to the correct location.)  onOne offers info on how to use the presets, though I’m having fun here just messing around with the black & white settings.  Thanks to Jack, Mike, & co. for making these available to the community.

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  1. hi I downloaded Jack Davis’s presets a couple months ago and recently got a new computer and lost them all I cannot find where online to get these presets again any idea where I can grab them Jill

  2. As Hector Feliciano wrote “Lightroom is heaven sent”. I have to share my own presets source:
    The goal of my site is to be the biggest source to free lightroom presets. Check it out. I has been welcomed with open arms from many of my visitors.
    Best regards
    Pierre |

  3. How do I download third party presets for Lightroom 2.4?
    Went to the OnOne page for the “Free” WOW presets. Free only for 30 days then you buy or lose.

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