Lightroom Podcast #29: Adobe raw team + Jeff Schewe

"We didn’t get local tone and color correction and that’s something Bruce Fraser had wanted," says Jeff  Schewe in the latest Lightroom podcst, "so I’m going to get Mark in a noogie and not let him out until we get a commitment for 2.0." George Jardine writes,

This podcast was recorded on Friday March 16, 2007, at  the home of Ruth and Thomas Knoll in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Zalman Stern, Mark Hamburg, Michael Jonsson, Thomas Knoll and Jeff Schewe ramble all over the place, discussing the upcoming ACR 4.0, compatibility with XMP and Lightroom raw controls, noise reduction, sharpening, the non-destructive editing model, shooting in dusty environments, etc. The team also spends a bit of time discussing the ins-and-outs of the raw + JPEG workflow, and why Lightroom does not support it… yet.

The podcast is available as an MP3 file via George’s iDisk (under "20070316 Podcast – Raw Engineering + Jeff Schewe"). It’ll also be available via the Lightroom podcasts RSS feed, and by searching for "Lightroom" in iTunes.

0 thoughts on “Lightroom Podcast #29: Adobe raw team + Jeff Schewe

  1. My beef right now is that I truly wish I could make a dvd slideshow of my work to give to clients. I only use purchased, royalty free music and would love for Lightroom to do this inclusively. I am having to export to iphoto or imovie. I don’t want to have to leave the beautiful interface of lightroom to do this.
    [Hmm, I don’t, but I’ve forwarded your question to Tom from Lightroom. –J.]

  2. I use Canon 20d, and sometime shoot RAW+ JPEG-large.
    I tried to download both from the CF card via Lightroom.
    LR downloaded both RAW and JPEG in a FOLDER on the hard drive, but did not show / make available the JPEGs in the LR LIBRARY for editing etc.
    WHY? please help me to understand.
    [I don’t know, but I’d try the Lightroom forum on –J.]

  3. It would be really great to have LR remember exported JPEGS or TIFFS or PSDs of the same RAW files and be able to tag, catalog RAWs and retrieve the other ‘related’ files automagically in some way…
    [Tom H. responds, “This is a good suggestion but to get to the heart of your workflow, for what purpose did you export the files originally? What is the ‘shelf life’ of those files?” –J.]

  4. The purpose of these files is to be available for downsizing to put them online or interpolation to print them for exhibitions and so on for example. Everything can not be done in LR (and thats normal, there are no masks and other things) so it’s important when I want to retrieve my best pictures to get my already retouched PSDs or TIFFs along with the RAWs and not search them manually (which would defeat the purpose of tagging and DAM) and not having to re-export them (which would make me lose whatever adjustments I have done afterwards)

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