Handy CS3 configurators

With all the new products Adobe is introducing, figuring out which Suite configuration(s) make sense based on your needs can be a bit challenging.  The company created a Flash-based app that lets you view configurations according to job function ("I want to make videos, plus print some stuff…"), but I like the way Web developer Mark Eagleton (not affiliated with Adobe) cuts to the chase with his little configurator: pick the apps you want & view the different pricing options for getting them.  Nice, and right to the point. (Thanks, Mark.)   [Via John Dowdell]

PS–No word yet on a CS3 Retroencabulator…

0 thoughts on “Handy CS3 configurators

  1. Both those apps say I must get the Master Edition.
    Why did them Adobe guys even try to divide their customers into segment? Why don’t they believe that people want or need a spectrum that blurs the lines between “types” of design? Are these graduates of Springfield Community College?
    [Not to be snarky, but given Adobe’s financial results since Suites were introduced, I’d reckon not. –J.]
    Again, there should be NO suites — just ala carte, and the more you buy, the better the discount.
    [I’m not sure how anyone would go about stocking/selling products with that strategy, any more than I’d know how car dealers would go about letting you cherry-pick every single option in a given car. I also remember my mom talking about selling gloves in high school: show the customer three pairs, get a sale; show her 10 pairs (really trying to serve her by presenting every option), she goes away. –J.]
    (Also you’d really see which apps No one wants and can deal with them accordingly.)
    Or is it that you want us to be forced to buy the Master thing. (What IS contribute, anyway? I’ve owned it for years!)

  2. Any news on European pricing? When we can expect any official statement and clarifications? thanks.
    [Nothing yet, sorry. I know it’s being discussed, but I don’t have an ETA for more info. –J.]

  3. The only thing I’m disappointed in is that there even exists a Suite without Photoshop Extended.
    I use Apple’s FCP and Shake for which the Extended Quicktime handling would be nice. However, I neither want, nor need Dreamweaver or Flash. How did they creep into Design Premium?!
    Anything I’m missing?

  4. JN:..given Adobe’s financial results since Suites were introduced, I’d reckon not. –J.
    Of course they’re successful. What else is there, buy each individually?
    As I’ve said before, I’ll pay what ever Adobe says because I need these things. It’s just annoying that they honestly believe there are “web” people separate from “print” and “video” people. You seem to have a real world background. You’ve spoken of using Flash (web) and Illustrator (print) and etc. What type of human does your boss classify you as?
    Two years ago I would upgrade from MM Studio and the Adobe CS suite, thus getting what I need. Now I have to choose between Fireworks or InDesign (don’t worry, I’m buying both). Ben Richardson has to own Dreamweaver, which is insane.
    Again, don’t worry I (we) need this stuff, so you’ll get the money. But the number one creative software company should know there are no strict boundaries on creativity.

  5. Sorry I’m so late to the party. I was sequestered by demanding clients. Thanks for the plug. I hope to have the upgrade versions incorporated in there soon.

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