Alternate CS3 icons available

After the, eh, spirited discussion of the Adobe CS3 iconography that ensued last year, I’m a little hesitant to mention the subject again.  That said, designer Adam Betts has posted an attractive set of alternate CS3 icons, free for download.  The imagery is based on the CS3 product packaging, which wasn’t publicly visible when the initial discussion of the icons transpired.  I think they’re rather handsome. [Via Mike Downey]

[Update: Flash PM Richard Galvan points out another set.
[Update 2: My not allowing comments wasn’t intentional; that’s what I get for scrambling to post during a 30-minute layover in Denver… Anyway, comments are open now.]

0 thoughts on “Alternate CS3 icons available

  1. Can you believe it — I actually like the official icons.
    (I always liked the round MM icons with the product initials that Adobe based them on).
    [I always suggested that people reserve judgement until they’d A) seen the whole branding system, and B) gotten to use the icons. –J.]

  2. …but I DO like them…
    [I know, and I appreciate that. I was referring to the 400+ people who slagged the icons just a few months back. Sorry, I should have made that distinction better. –J.]
    (you should also re-post that color wheel with all the official new icons floating above it)
    [Sure–here it is. –J

  3. im sticking with the originals.
    the icons are there so i can quickly and easily tell what app i need, and not distract from what im doing, stare at the icon to read the tiny letters, or have to remember what color pattern goes with what app this year.
    nice, simple, clean, big letters, muted colors… perfect.. for me

  4. I have also made some CS3 replacement icons, but the difference between mine and all the other alternative replacement icon sets that I have seen so far is that my icons actually make use of icons, rather than the 2-letter “periodic table” style — so imagine a complete set of how Device Central and Acrobat, etc. currently look.
    [Cool–thanks for the link. –J.]

  5. Kudos to Brett for his set.
    I have seen the whole official set and still just don’t get it. Brett all by his lonesome seems to have tapped into some kind of wisdom about icons. Why couldn’t Adobe? It’s very disappointing. Especially now that I will have to go to some amount of OS tweaking to get Brett’s set as the replacement for Adobe’s. Sigh. But it will be worth it in the end.
    Again, a thousand thanks, Brett.

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