Check out the thorax on that guy

I’m a real lightweight when it comes to insects (for example, I could never name my Flash rival after one ;-)), but they do inspire creative photography & more:

  • Buzz illustrates "The Intimate Bond Between Humans and Insects" via some amazing microscopic photography. See inside. [Via]
  • Student photographer Lawraa shares a shot of a praying mantis apparently listening to Snoop ("Throw your prehensile appendages in the ai-ir…") [Via]
  • Der Spiegel had a great gallery of shattered bugs, but now I’ve waited too long and it’s returning a 404 error.  Dang–maybe it’ll turn up elsewhere, as the images were worth seeing. The best the site will now give me is a pregnant cow scaring chubby cyclists.
  • Make any treat more mouthwatering with the help of sugar that looks like ants. [Via]
  • In a similar vein, an ad campaign uses ants–"the most credible ambassadors for sweetness*"– to show off sugar-free eats.
  • [For more bug life, see previous.]

*Snuggle the fabric softener bear was apparently unavailable

0 thoughts on “Check out the thorax on that guy

  1. Insect are really something. Especially when you look real close. Check out Victoria Saxe’s site at – she has the most amazing illustrations of insects, most of them created with Photoshop. We posted a video interview with Victoria a while back at
    [Solid–thanks for the link. –J.]

  2. Did you see the insects that inhabit caves in the “Planet Earth” special on the Discovery Channel. They filmed a 100 foot high mountain of bat poop completely covered with a thick layer of roaches.
    [Mmmm! I’ve been traveling on Sundays & am behind on my viewing, but hopefully I’ve got a DVRful of goodness awaiting me. That show is beyond brilliant. –J.]

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