Lightroom 1.1 now available

I’m delighted to report that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1, a free update that adds numerous feature enhancements while squashing bugs, is available for download* from (Mac|Win).  Besides adding the sharpening and clarity controls that debuted in Camera Raw 4.1, Lightroom 1.1 adds a ton of polish around catalog management, keywording, easier metadata synching, and more.

There’s too much to list here, so check out LightroomNews for a run-down of what’s new, or see the product ReadMe file (PDF).  LightroomNews plans an eight-part series covering the update, starting with a terrifically detailed overview of new menu items here.  Lots of other good info will be forthcoming on the Lightroom team blog and elsewhere.  I’ll try to update this post & subsequent ones as resources become available.  In the meantime, you’re welcome to suggest links via the comments.  

*The English update is available now; French, German, and Japanese editions are expected shortly.

0 thoughts on “Lightroom 1.1 now available

  1. We just installed this on our brand new copy of LR, guess what? it un-installed the old version, installed the new one and ALL my folders were gone from LR, the thing was back to zero, as if I never had LR installed, we are having to import everything again! and no clue if the information on changes is still there…..nice! given the price of LR, I hope this will not be the trend with updates.

  2. Antonio,
    Same thing happened to me – but I expected it. Sounds like you did not read the Read Me file that comes with the update. After installing 1.1, you need to open the Library file (on the Mac ~/Pictures/Lightroom/Lightroom Database.lrdb) which will launch LR and start an update and backup of the library.Then you will have LR 1.1 and all your folders and stuff in place, just as before. Seems extraordinarily silly of Adobe to do it like that.

  3. I see! no, I did not read the read me file, but with a software at this price and from such a company, I don’t expect to have to fish about for library files, etc. Otherwise, nice update! Adobe, well done.

  4. Antonio – I agree, the update should just update the library by launching LR itself. However, possibly it is allowing those with multiple libraries to apply the update once they are ready, or something. I don’t know, it seems lame to me. LR 1.1 is a solid upgrade, though.

  5. I have a question about a comment in the readme file. It concerns the Amount slider in the Sharpen control:
    “In general, set Amount to a lower value for cleaner images.”
    Is that sentence supposed to mean “use a lower value to create cleaner images”; or “use a lower value when working with cleaner images”.
    It seems ambigious to me as it is currently written.
    [Let me see what I can find out. –J.]

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