Lightroom Podcasts #36-38 now posted

Adobe’s Pro Photography Evangelist George Jardine has gone on a podcasting tear recently:

  • Episode #36, "Adobe Raw Sharpening Controls," is a video offering "a new mini-tutorial showing how Lightroom’s 1.1 sharpening controls work, to help you quickly adjust your capture sharpening in the Develop Module."
  • "What’s so unique about still photography," says photographer Ed Kashi, "is that it forces you to stop, it forces you to think. It’s almost meditative. Particularly compared to the other media that exists today."  In Episode #37, Ed sits down with George to have a conversation about his career, his passion and motivation for photojournalism, and telling stories that matter.
  • “I’ve always loved films," says Bob Sacha, "and I’ve always loved documentary films, partly because I love music, and I love sound. And so in a way I saw film as a way of combining what I knew from still photography with this idea of sound. Light, motion, moment, composition, those are all the sort of hard skills that we possess as photographers. Makes it easier to move over into new media.”  In Episode #38 Bob sits down with George to have a conversation about his career, his love of film, and his quest to integrate sound, video and still photographs into media-rich journalism. Bob also discusses the fellowship project he recently worked on at Ohio University.

All three new podcasts, plus previous episodes, are available via George’s iDisk.  (Scroll to the bottom of the list.) [Via]

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