"Steve Guttenberg did not invent the printing press…"

So says an angry, angry little man in "Printing’s Alive," a funny, foul-mouthed viral video made by Montreal-based Pazazz Printing.  [Via]

The vid is particularly funny if you’ve had occasion to interact with some of the crustier, more ink-stained members of the printing community (and no, I’m not gonna mention any names).  I remember a few years back visiting printers in Chicago who were out for blood, riled up about some incredibly nuanced aspect of Illustrator output (wanting fourth-digit decimal precision in a certain field, I think).  Fortunately the Illustrator PM at the time, Lydia Varmazis, was the type who could write PostScript by hand, lending her amazing powers to chill these dudes out.  The transformation was night and day, and I felt like we should’ve filmed a pilot for The Nerd Whisperer right then and there.

Speaking of funny and profane, You Suck At Photoshop episodes 3 and 4 have been posted for your enjoyment. [Via seemingly every person & blog ever]

0 thoughts on “"Steve Guttenberg did not invent the printing press…"

  1. Lydia definitely seems to know her stuff! (And she’s cute too!)
    [Never bad things when dealing with guys who, one suspects, may have given their presses ladies’ names. 😉 –J.]

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