Lightroom Podcasts #50 & 51: Photoshop integration & color correction

George Jardine has posted a pair of new video tutorials for Lightroom:

Three Options, Unlimited Possibilities (9:28)

In this tutorial I outline the basics of using Lightroom’s Edit in Photoshop command, specifically as it pertains to RGB files. You’ll learn what your three basic options are, and how they are best used to begin taking advantage of the incredible variety of workflows available, when using Lightroom and Photoshop together.

Subjective Color Correction (6:04)

In this tutorial I outline the basics of color correction, in a situation where the color and density of the photograph are wide open to interpretation. Make sure you start with a calibrated and profiled monitor, and then learn to trust your eyes to bring out the very best in your photographs, using the Adobe Lightroom Develop Module.

Both podcasts can be downloaded from George’s iDisk, and can be found on iTunes by searching under Podcasts for "Lightroom." [Via]

One thought on “Lightroom Podcasts #50 & 51: Photoshop integration & color correction

  1. Hey John,
    when is Adobe going to update photoshop on leopard? It seems there are a few small bugs still. Like clone-tool bug after using it for a while. I often need to restart photoshop in order for the clone-tool to work properly again (happens like after using it for 5-10 mins).
    [Brett, I’ll check on this. I would note that it’s possible that the bugs are not with Photoshop, and therefore fixing them may not be up to Adobe. –J.]
    I’m sure there are other issues but that’s the one most apparent to me atm. And the 10.5.2 update didn’t fix it unfortunately
    Thanks and sorry for the off-topic.

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