Useful Lightroom, Camera Raw vids

2 thoughts on “Useful Lightroom, Camera Raw vids

  1. Good Morning Jack,
    WOW, I just love the new RAW 5.2. I have this secret I did not want adobe to know…..I was using Nikon Software to “target” areas to soften, lighting, etc….No more. Two apps for my work.. Lightroom 2.0 and PhotoshopCS4 extended.
    Now if I could get Adobe to donate a new 8×12 inch walcom tablet to my charity, that is the “me charity”…a perfect world, lol.
    Just to say thanks adobe for helping stupid in KY do his work.
    Ken in KY

  2. I really do love Lightroom, but it’s about un-useable on my dual 2.0 G5, I’m ready to toss it through a window!! You click….you wait…oh there it goes…oh wait..hold on….ok, there it goes….LOL….I need an Intel machine bad.

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