Friday Photos: Sketchy Swedes, bodybuilders, and more

  • Things one presumably doesn’t see every day:
    • Martin Schoeller has captured a series of portraits of women bodybuilders. (From Kottke: “If you cover up the faces with your hands, they look like men in bikini tops and if you cover up the bodies, meth addicts.”) [Via]
    • Fancy a round-up of Swedish 1970s dance band photos? [Via Jeff Tranberry, who says, “The real challenge is how to fit it into a relevant post! It’d be a good one for rickrolling some readers.”]
  • Moments in time:
    • Barbara Probst’s Split Second project captures the same moment from multiple perspectives.
    • Game face: Robbie Cooper’s Immersion project aims to photograph facial expressions of people as they play video games, surf the web, and watch TV. The corresponding video isn’t super flattering. [Via]

5 thoughts on “Friday Photos: Sketchy Swedes, bodybuilders, and more

  1. Okay kids … remember – nobody messes with those Teddy Boys!
    Of the woman in Thor Silwéns, my wife remarked, “She’s the only one who got out free.” “Yeah,” I said, “but she looks like she’s part of some Texas polygamist cult…”
    And I can’t believe there’s a band called the “Schytts.” Talk about truth in advertising! –J.]

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