Le Sens Propre: A new short film shot with RED + CS4

Working on a commission from Adobe, Brazilian director Cisma* recently created “Le Sens Propre,” rather surreal story about “a dream-like voyage in the universe of a little girl.” Cisma & team used a RED camera followed by an exclusive Adobe CS4 Production Premium workflow (no non-Adobe products touched the film–no 3D software, etc.).

Adobe’s Scott Morris writes,

Several high-profile artists have been commissioned by Adobe to do work using the various CS4 toolsets, to really show off what the products can do. Le Sens Proper now joins work from other artists and graphic designers including John Kelly, Nando Costa, Genevieve Gauckler, and Erik Natzke.

Check out their work on the new AdobeArtists.com. For a Q&A with the director plus production stills, check out this piece from Motionographer.

* According to the Adobe Artists site, “Cisma” (aka Denis Kamioka) took his name from the Portuguese word for “strong and irrational conviction.” My kind of guy.

3 thoughts on “Le Sens Propre: A new short film shot with RED + CS4

  1. oh! It’s QT! What’s wrong with Flash video?
    [FWIW, the film streams in Flash video on the Adobe Artists site. I just wanted to spread the love to the site where I originally found the piece. –J.]

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