Videos: Photoshop, 3D, Web design at MAX

Last week’s Adobe MAX conference featured some great Photoshop-related sessions. Here are a few picks that might be of interest. (Full-screen viewing is always recommended.)
Photoshop CS4 Hidden Gems…including Configurator, Pixel Bender, DNG Profile Editor and more with Bryan O’Neil Hughes

How To Work Creatively With 3D In Photoshop CS4 Extended with Zorana Gee [Actually starts at the 9-minute mark; I don’t know why these things aren’t trimmed at all before they’re posted]

The Essentials of Image Enhancement for Web & Flash Designers
with Michael Ninness

6 thoughts on “Videos: Photoshop, 3D, Web design at MAX

  1. I would like to download “Photoshop CS4 hidden gems” for offline viewing. No way … I installed Adobe Media Player, and spent much time with its meta-confusing interface, with no result. How can I do this ? Thank you

  2. In “The Essentials of Image…” video at about 30:15 in, is a section on editing jpegs with the camera raw adjustment tool. Very, Wicked, Cool. Always nice to learn something new that saves lots of time.

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