Mobile downloaded over 1 million times

Wow–on behalf of the team, thanks again for the warm reception! Here’s the official blurb:

Adobe today announced that its Mobile for iPhone application has been downloaded over 1 million times from Apple’s App Store, a milestone reached in less than one week of availability. Additionally, the application has held the No. 1 position for all “Top Free” applications as well as the “Top Free” application in the Photography category for 10 consecutive days. Thousands of iTunes reviews have provided Adobe with positive feedback, insight and suggestions that will be considered for future versions of the application.

The application is currently available in the U.S. and Canada only. I know that’s frustrating to folks in other locations, and the team will keep working to broaden access.

7 thoughts on “ Mobile downloaded over 1 million times

  1. sounds brilliant. as for “other locations”, any ideas when to expect the app to be available outside us/canada?
    [Sorry, no–I have no schedule info to share right now. Suffice it to say that what seems simple often isn’t. It all makes me glad I didn’t pursue a career in international law. –J.]

  2. …and where might this so-called “Adobe” announcement be posted, hmmm?
    [I’m not sure what (if anything) you’re suggesting, but the announcement went to press outlets via email. It’s not posted on –J.]

  3. It means a beautiful, easy to use, lightweight, modern, innovative, cheap, native, FAST and web oriented photoshop specifically designed for the Mac, by mac users for mac users. That is how that feels on the iPhone

  4. [It all makes me glad I didn’t pursue a career in international law. –J.]
    But it does not need a lawyers degree to read and understand Adobes TOS and EULAs.
    Something must be murky in there, otherwise the release probably would have passed without any hassle, especially in European countries.

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