CS5 optionally omits "Copy" on duplicated layers

In response to your feedback, we’ve added an option (screenshot) to the Layers panel flyout menu, making it possible to have Photoshop stop adding the word “copy” to layer names when duplicating layers. The preference is off by default to avoid breaking actions that rely on “copy.”
Even for people who never discover the new option, we’ve changed the app’s behavior to stop adding “copy” to the names of layers inside duplicated layer sets. (That was just lame & needs no governing preference.)
I’ve heard suggestions that Photoshop include more nuanced preferences to govern layer naming, so that duplicated layer names could include a sequence number or letter defined by the user. Those are good ideas, but they were beyond the scope of changes we could make in CS5.

9 thoughts on “CS5 optionally omits "Copy" on duplicated layers

  1. I will really like this too. It seems off to like something so tiny so much, but there you go.
    A related item I miss: I want each layer to have a property sheet, where I can enter comments. Presently, for large documents (context: cartography), I tend to write very long layer names to help keep track of colour, content, masks, styles and whatnot. So the names are always a balance of unwieldy and obtuse. It would be great if I could add proper comments, and especially if they would appear as tooltips when hovering over the layer.
    Ideally, the same for styles and for channels.
    I know this isn’t the place to make a suggestion–I’ll take a copy and put it where it should go. Thanks John.

  2. Thanks for posting John. If you have an application with so many great features like PS you begin to like and to notice any small change; and it’ll be a big change for my workflow.

  3. Layers can have their own metadata and Adobe has a sample panel that will allow you to add long descriptions and comments to a layer.
    You can find the panel it the Photoshop Panel SDK. It’s named ‘PerLayerMetadata’.

  4. Most excellent. All in all, a must-get upgrade. (As soon as I’m out of escrow and get that $8,000 tax credit!)

  5. Bah! I hate it when that happens, lol. I’m still using CS3 and I would love to have these little added features, but not for eight hundred bucks.

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