Podcast: Hughes & I talk CS5

Bryan & I sat down with Deke and Colleen for another well lubed installment of Martini (half) Hour (listen in regular or high quality). Among the content we discussed:

64-bit: Not much more to say. Better, stronger, and in this case, faster. It’s Bionic Photoshop. OK, John has a little more to say. And it’s a cool look into what is really involved in creating a new version of something as mature and labyrinthian as Photoshop.

PS–Hughes actually is a witch; good fun at team parties.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Hughes & I talk CS5

  1. I’m going to sound like a pain, but I just can’t listen to The Martini Hour. The background noise added over the voices just makes the thing impossible to listen to. Deke knows it’s ruining his work, but refuses to make it possible for someone who is slightly hard of hearing to understand what everyone is saying. I know you hate complainers, but he’s got a real problem with a simple solution.

  2. Yes the volume levels on the music are just not working. My hearing is good, not too many rock shows standing next to a Marshall amp for me. But, some of the content of these podcasts is just impossible to hear. Someone needs to shoot the Jazz band

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