17 thoughts on “Photoshop 12.0.3 update for CS5 Windows now available

  1. Unfortunately there`s still that LAB colormanagement bug: LAB pictures get oversaturated on the monitor, if you`re in fullscreen mode.

  2. No, on the Mac many just can’t update cs5 to 0.2. If you check the forums you will see there is a big install failure issue updating.

  3. I tried this at my end and it did work fine. I could update PS CS5 to 12.0.2 on Mac 10.5.8.
    Try reinstalling PS CS5 and then update to 12.0.2. If that does not work do send me the aam logs present at Users\\Library\Application Support\Adobe\AAMUpdater\1.0\
    A screen shot of the failure would also help.
    eMail me the logs at pronil@adobe.com.

    1. Already working with Jeanne Ru*** on this. And, no, I won’t be reinstalling. It is a work machine new and newly installed CS 5 clean.

  4. since mac users jumped on this windows update post – I’ll add my question here: Since CS5 arrived – saving and loading liquify meshes takes minutes instead of seconds. This is not acceptable in a professional retouching studio where we use this everyday. I’ve not gotten any response from adobe employees in the forums whether this will be fixed or not. Do you know if this is going to be fixed before CS6?

  5. When I attempt to update Photoshop CS5 12.0 to 12.0.3 I get “Another Instance of Updater is Running, Try again Later”. I’m running XP and turned “off” everything I can find relating to Adobe updates. Same message occurs when I attempt to update from the Help menu in CS5.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  6. TG I am running win7. Makes updating much easier.
    I just hate having to re-install because of the fool way the Adobe makes you jump thru hoops to re install if you haven’t deactivated first.
    I have had to catastrophic HD failures and the hoops that Adobe requires you to jump through are nuts.

  7. I would like to apply the CS5 12.0.3 update to Photoshop CD5 (64-bit) on Windows 7.
    In connection with the CS5 12.0.3 updates, Abobe says:
    “For convenience and reliability, we highly recommend that you apply this update directly from within Photoshop. To do so, choose ‘Help > Updates…’ in Photoshop CS5 and apply all the necessary updates that are available.'”
    When I do this Help->Updates selection inside Photoshop, it reports “The update server is not responding. The server might be offliine temporarily, or the internet or firewall settings may be incorrect…”
    I’ve tried it several times and get the same message so I conclude the server isn’t offline permamnently. I tried [briefly] switching the firewall off and trying again, but I got the same message.
    Anyone know what “internet or firewall settings” should be used to allow this update of Photoshop?

  8. I have CS5 Is there meant to be an enhancement area on the programme. i read the odd thing that reccomends go to enhancement. Maybe I just can’t see it. Hints please

  9. Guys,
    I’m running XP SP3 and trialing Photoshop CS5 from the Design Premium download and my tooltips don’t work. Photoshop says it’s version 12.1 x32 so even if I try to go back and install the 12.0.3 update, I can’t. Tooltips work fine in Dreamweaver.
    Has anyone else had this problem? If so, have you been able to get around it?

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