5 thoughts on “(rt) Interesting Miscellany: Riffing on Starbucks, Android goggles, & more

  1. Star Wars–1977. Star Trek–1966. Hey, let’s have Robby the Robot synthesize 60 gallons of whiskey! Then we all can sit around drinking and lamenting, “Another one of them new worlds. No beer, no women, no pool parlors, nothin’. Nothin’ to do but throw rocks at tin cans, and we gotta bring our own tin cans.” Ha! I beat you all. That’s from 1956! (Yeah, lots of girls around here, too…)

  2. Your miscellany is always a bit like the trove found in a cardboard box in the back of an old closet. Today, however, is an exceptional find.
    I continue to believe that Russel Brown has too much free time.
    PS salt and pepper shakers are clearly an imperative.
    Randy must have more free time than Russel.
    I can support Android ski goggle only if they come with a collision avoidance app — sort of the skiers’ version of TCAS.
    Having lady relative who is a geeky SciFi fan, I think it better to think of the Star-Trek bedroom door as a compatibility screening tool.
    As always, many thanks for a wonderful blog. Coffee would not be the same without it.

  3. Have to disagree about the “girls” comment. My 14yo daughter is a huge Star Trek fan and would LOVE for me to install one of these!
    [No doubt. I was thinking of a different “use case,” featuring a somewhat older demographic. –J.]

  4. hi john,
    got a question for you,
    i am experiencing a huge loss of available ram when going to or starting lightroom 3.3 in the print module. i start with 1.5 gb free avail ram.
    but it drops to 450mb and sometimes lower when i switch to print module or start up lightroom in that module. i have 2gb initial ram and 3.0ghz processor this does not happen in develop,library,slide show or web modules. i have 1.3gb free in those cases. why so much ram usage in the print module?

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