Adobe HTML5 progress update

To enable lighter, more scalable, more beautiful digital publications, HTML needs to improve to handle richer text layouts. I’m delighted to see that Adobe’s CSS Regions contributions have reached the WebKit mainline & Chromium releases, and that the IE10 preview also supports the standard. Here’s a 2-minute demo (cued up to the relevant part):

So far so good; but what else? Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch hints that we’ll learn more about Adobe HTML tools & strategies next week. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Adobe HTML5 progress update

  1. Those are good progress, and you have some great people on HTML5. But, I feel that at the top of the company, they are still confused. When I worked at Adobe I was surprised to see how technical unsavvy even the VP of Eng for Flex was.
    In my opinion, Tech companies should be lead by tech visionaries, otherwise, you waste lot of good talent.
    Anyway, I really love Adobe, and I am the biggest fan of Photoshop, and After Effect, and really have great respect of many individual at adobe, just feel that the executive layer seems to be a little big over their head (to say the least)

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