Adding a directional blur using Photoshop Touch

Russell Brown shows a great, simple way to add some convincing motion blur to a car:

(Note that although the video says it runs for 11 minutes, it’s actually just a 4-minute clip. I’ll ask the production folks to correct this glitch.)

3 thoughts on “Adding a directional blur using Photoshop Touch

  1. John, None of the flash videos you post (vimeo and youtube are OK) are showing up on your page. Just a blank space shows. I’m on a Macintosh, OS 10.7.2 with latest Flash plugin, Safari or Firefox. Would be nice to have your webpage back to its old self.
    [Sorry about that. I’m actively sending bug reports like this to the Adobe TV guys. Thanks for letting us know. –J.]

  2. Hi John On my mac (10.7.2 also) the videos show when I go to the single post page by clicking on the “comments” link.
    [Interesting; thanks for that detail. –J.]

  3. sounds that the precision inside on smaller increments and outside on larger is the opposite of every non touch app 🙂 that’s a lot of change to note.

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