Mobile facial recognition promises clever new apps

Check it out:

Petapixel writes,

The video at the top of this post is a Polar Rose demo of an app called “Recognizr”, which recognizes people’s faces and provides you with links to their social media accounts.
Imagine a world where every person on the street can be identified by simply pointing your phone at their face. Curious about a stranger? Point your camera at them to pull up their Facebook profile. People who had concerns over facial recognition in Facebook photos are going to have a fit about this one…

I remain eager to see what developers can do in terms of building photography & design apps. If you see anything cool, give a shout.

6 thoughts on “Mobile facial recognition promises clever new apps

  1. I’ll set up a fanpage for Minna Thompson and all Google users will find it. I’m rich!
    [Heh–I too wondered whether weirdoes would start trying to track her after seeing this. –J.]

  2. just a tad bit too close to Orwellian for my tastes and fear 😉 What about folks who had their face disfigured for many reasons..?!

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