Alfred for Mac hits 1.0

The brilliant little utility Alfred has reached v1 status after a couple of years of public testing.  For me it’s an invaluable way to launch apps & start Web searches quickly (in my case I hit Opt-space from any app, then start typing a name or query) and to get multi-clipboard functionality.  For some reason I could never get into the command-line Quicksilver or other multi-clipboard tools, but Alfred hits a sweet spot.

The app is free, but the paid Powerpack (which enables multi-clipboard support and numerous other features) is well worth the £12 price.

3 thoughts on “Alfred for Mac hits 1.0

  1. Personally, I’m a quicksilver fan, and am married to all the little powerful functions it has. But Alfred has indisputably better Typography in the UI, and I bet the less steep learning curve makes Alfred much more appealing to non-power users.

  2. So glad to hear that you enjoy the clipboard history as much as I do! Thanks for the kind words and look forward to even more Alfred goodness in the future.

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