8 thoughts on “Video: New features coming to Adobe's HTML5 animation tool

  1. Edge looks really cool. With the acquisition of Nitobi will Edge (eventually) be a tool for creating native apps for Android and iOS?

  2. Edge is really starting to look like Flash for HTML5, which is what I always thought it should be. Keep up the good work, and don’t forget that developers don’t want to fight with it when integrating with other code they’ve already written.

  3. Fullscreen this video is very shaky. Could be me reaching my daily coffee limit or Sarah has a pretty powerful heartbeat.
    [Well, clearly the answer is that Edge = PURE ADRENALINE. πŸ˜‰ –J.]

  4. Well, it really looks like it is easy to do, but I’m not exactly sure that it’ll be as easy as it is in Adobe Flash. At least while messing with plain animation.
    Yeah, Frank’s comment is correct. The video is still shaky, so you might want to actually re-upload it in a better way (format). I’m sure that many people will be interested in this sofrt of info the closer the date of release comes.

  5. Looks pretty good.
    I felt betrayed with action script 3 in Flash (Hey! Make APPs in Flash!), so maybe Edge can take us back to the good ol’ days of making motion graphics without needing to know Object Oriented Programming. The code she showed was kinda blurry – hopefully it’s as usable as AS2 was.

  6. I like most of what i see.. Looks great.
    But I don’t like the code thing, thats just like flash.. Flash started as this creative tool that creative people could use, today flash is (mostly) a code tool and a (if you ask me) a pain to use.
    Why not make the tools advanced but with a simple workaround that does not require code, ala Catalyst (but better πŸ˜‰ )

  7. I’m just going to rage John, this isn’t directed at you. πŸ˜‰
    WOW, that was a completely PATHETIC example!
    Nothing says awesome, like vomiting out an entire web page of files just to produce a primitive, slow(JERKY), and quite bloated banner animation that kills most mobile devices on performance and that’s when it hasn’t broken from incompatibility.
    Building an application or heavy animation in HTML 5 is akin to high-diving into the shallow side of a swimming pool; you’re going to hit the bottom really quick and quite hard, if you try to strive to high on what you want to do with it.
    Adobe’s handling of the whole discontinuation of Flash “Plug-in” for mobile was absolutely pathetic, as is the false promises of HTML 5. They should have fired the PR department and the *****(s) responsible for this whole debacle, not the software engineers.
    And good luck to Adobe for staying relevant outside of AIR Mobile and the desktop and that’s of course if Adobe hasn’t already planned on killing these key areas prematurely and letting their clueless PR reps botch the whole situation.
    Anyways, PATHETIC! And the same factors that lead to the discontinuation of LiveMotion is already beating on Edges’s door step.
    OK, I’m done raging for now. I guess…

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