Instagram improves Facebook integration

Ah, this sounds nice:

Starting today, when you choose to share Instagram photos to Facebook, your images will automatically be added to an “Instagram Photos” Facebook album visible to your Facebook friends!

The photos will appear full-sized in the News Feed along with the caption that you’ve added to the Instagram photo, and a link to the image’s public URL. This change will also display your Instagram photos beautifully in your timeline.

I’d been pestering my former Lightroom colleague Troy Gaul (whose Instagallery for iPad you should download) to try to hack together some mechanism for making this work. Instead he tipped me off to this enhancement.

Now, if only I could find a solution to keep my Instagram-originated tweets from appearing alongside Instagram-originated FB postings… (My tweets are replicated on FB, but that method doesn’t provide inline photos, so I choose to share via both and thus get duplicates.) It’s hardly a big deal, though.

2 thoughts on “Instagram improves Facebook integration

  1. John, I know you’ve said “I can’t say anything yet” about this in the past, but are us customers _ever_ going to get a response from Adobe about the ludicrous upgrade scheme that’s been foisted on us?
    [Yes. Please know that I and many others continue to push strongly on this. Sorry that it’s taking so long. –J.]

  2. I use a better solution altogether.
    I use my facebook email upload address, gmail, and If This Then That to automatically share my IG photos to Facebook. You could also send them to Twitter.

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