A sneak of Photoshop.next's new 3D chops

It’s about usability (think “3D for the rest of us”) and performance:

3 thoughts on “A sneak of Photoshop.next's new 3D chops

  1. The mention of creating 3D objects has me intrigued. I have tried getting into Maya a bit, but it’s just so complicated and has so many more features than I’ll ever learn (at least for the foreseeable future). Here’s to hoping that Photoshop allows for some basic 3D modeling that’s usable.

  2. Absolutely agree – this looks great. Maybe a bit outside of what we normally think of the “focus” of Photoshop, but seems to have the basics of 3D which can be used in the rest of the image. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
    I have played with the current 3D features and used them some – but not much. As they are improved I hope I end up using them more and finding ways to make things more creative for myself and my customers.

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