CS6 launches on IMAX, June 6 in San Jose

Demos on a massive screen

The Creative Suite User Group of San Jose is partnering with Creative Suite Lovers and other Bay Area user groups to present the new features of CS6 in the amazing IMAX Theatre at San Jose Tech Museum… Our keynote speaker is the great Al Mooney, Adobe Product Manager for Professional Video Editing

Registration is $20 per person (as renting the theater isn’t cheap), but event organizer Sally Cox notes that they’re giving away two CS6 Master Collections (worth $2600 apiece) plus 20 3-month subscriptions to Creative Cloud (Master Collection & then some). Should be a fun event.

2 thoughts on “CS6 launches on IMAX, June 6 in San Jose

  1. Hay Jack,
    Read your blog all the time, and love it, thanks for the info.
    Why I’m writing this is not about the San Jose launch, well maybe a little about that. You see I have a little photo business, I do some portraits and some fine art that is sold in a local gallery. I was one of the customers of Adobe that up dated my creative sweet every other version, since I have CS4 I was waiting for CS6 to come out.
    Now that Adobe is forcing us to buy every version, I taxed my families budget and bought CS5.5, but part of the deal with CS5.5 was that I would receive CS6 as part of the deal. Now for some reason I am to receive the version of CS6 via mail, when I have download the last three versions. I really wanted to just download the product, but your phone team insisted that it be mailed to me, I don’t know if they didn’t understand me or what, but I am very disappointed with your foreign phone service as I assume everyone else is. OK, I accepted the fact that I would receive CS6 as a mail product, and at first I would receive it soon after the release, I checked my order and then it was between the 15th and the 17th to receive it on the 21st, I checked it today and now it will ship between the 21st and the 28th and I don’t know when I will receive it. Apparently Adobe was ill prepared for this release, I feel that Adobe made a contract with me and haven’t been able to full fill it. So, by now you are saying what does this guy want from me, simple, I just want to download the software that Adobe promised me and not on some future date, it’s already the 13th and the release was on the 6th, yes maybe I’m being inpatient, but if I had been given the option to download it I would already have it. In closing, I have to say I have been a big Adobe supporter, I insisted on Adobe software in the print shop I managed when Quark Express was king, because I thought Adobe Creative Suite was the future, and now that I work for DAL Document Services I’m working on getting Indesign installed on all of our computer so that we can edit our files.but my support is wavering with the changes that Adobe is making and have starting to looking elsewhere for software that will do the job. your software is expensive and it is the best out there, but not replaceable and not expendable, I think Adobe needs to look at there new polices long and hard before they follow through with these new changes!
    Thank You for any help you can be, also please take my views sincerely they are not only my views but of my piers as well, we feel Adobe is putting us out of business, we can’t always afford all the updates.
    Thank You,
    Charlie Latona

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