Clever French performance art (wait, don't click away)

Rather brilliant. (I won’t spoil anything by revealing what it’s about.)


5 thoughts on “Clever French performance art (wait, don't click away)

  1. I have a suggestion for Adobe to help the disabled like myself. Offer free versions of your software just like Autodesk does.
    I am unable to _ever_ work due to my disability and would love to have Photoshop, After Effects, etc. to play around with at home, purely for my own enjoyment, but it is WAY to pricey. I am on benefits and so could never afford to buy ANY adobe software, so you don’t lose any sales by offering free copies of your software to people like myself.
    In fact you can gain sales. I was given access to the full range of Autodesk Student Edition Software (3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, etc.) by Autodesk themselves and as a result recommend it to anyone and everyone. This kind of recommendation leads to sales.
    Therefore, I would ask you to seriously consider offering unemployable disabled people the chance to use your full software (full or student editions) for free on the understanding that we recommend it to our friends and family.
    Please seriously consider this request as it would mean a lot to the disabled of the world!

    1. I don’t see what part of you post doesn’t apply to non-disabled people who can’t afford Adobe Software.
      I, too, think it would be awesome to have the software free for non-commercial use. But then again i can totally see why Adobe is not doing it. “non-commercial” is simply a label that stretches too easily.

  2. I am not trying to be critical, but if you can use PS or AutoCAD you can work. Give it a thought; I bet you might be happier.
    of course, not knowing the situation, you might not be able to do anything quickly, but you can think and do something great I bet.

  3. That is pretty thought provoking and I can’t imagine (honestly) how I would react if that happened to me.
    I love it when adverts do something clever and fun rather than just try to sell me stuff, or have some clever piece of filmmaking then graft on their logo at the end. Bravo ….

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