Slicy facilitates Retina graphics support

MacRabbit’s $20 Slicy PSD-to-PNG conversion app (see previous) has been updated with greater CS6 support plus 

You design at 1x, but need high-res artwork? One annotation, and Slicy magically enlarges your vectors and layer styles to build a high-quality 2x version. For 2x designs, it fills in missing 1x versions by scaling down.

I haven’t tested the feature myself, and as always I’d welcome hearing others’ thoughts about what’s successful and/or what Adobe apps themselves should change to better support this kind of work.

[Also, to preempt questions about Photoshop & other apps being revved to support Retina screens: sorry, I don’t have any new info. I will share more once details are available.]

2 thoughts on “Slicy facilitates Retina graphics support

  1. 20$ for another plugin/addon on top for my arsenal of plugs worth several hundreds of dollars, blasted across my system, just to “enhance” the usability and featurette that PS doesn’t deliver by default?
    [What a bunch of JERKS! Death to developers & death to Adobe!! –J.]
    What’s are the future plans Adobe?
    Maybe PS becomes a just plugin itself one day for another Imaging Software driven by the open source community.
    Please, do it right or stay away eating our nerves.
    [Back off your meds & onto my blog comments, I see. –J.]

  2. Slicy is impressive !
    Once you tried it you can’t go back. For now you can’t fine tune your picture as much as with save for web but still, combined with one of the sprite tool that are flourishing on the app store, it is the biggest improvement in my webdesign workflow since forever.

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