Meet BMW's new design chief

In this brief but interesting video, 42-year-old Canadian industrial designer Karim Antoine Habib pays homage to design history & talks about what inspires him.


  • I love that he drives a vintage 2002, though in his shoes I’d try for a 3.0 CS.
  • For a guy who cares so much about detail (and who hangs out in a room full of people sporting poncey scarves), it’s interesting that he uses such a humble (even crappy) pen. It’s nice to be reminded that tools are just tools.


3 thoughts on “Meet BMW's new design chief

  1. My first BMW was a slightly later 2002–a great car, except that it spent inordinate time in the shop. After four years, when it was sidelined for repairs yet again, I asked the service manager, “Is this going to keep happening?” He said, “If it was mine, I’d get it fixed up and send it on down the road.” So down the road I sent it. If any of you looking for your dream car happen onto a 1975 white 2002 with blue leather interior and manual transmission, you’ve been warned.

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