What's the Creative Cloud Packager?

If you’re not an administrator responsible for deploying Adobe apps, you can skip this one. If you are an admin, however, you may well be excited. According to PM Karl Gibson, “This new tool lets admins download all Creative Cloud products & updates; define custom installation behavior; and at the end have a native MSI or PKG that you use with your deployment tool.” See Karl’s post and product docs for more details, and check out the demo below:

One thought on “What's the Creative Cloud Packager?

  1. god I’m tired of Adobe videos like this one starting whether I wants them to or not, and blabbing when I am on Skype for example.
    and usually I have no idea which video it is (I typically open many webpages at a time and then look at them later) so I can’t shut it off quickly
    opening? no, typically not when the page loads, but later.
    This one today started more than 4 hours after the webpage was loaded and hadn’t yet been looked at. Typically they open after 10-30 mins. Incidentally, it is a small percentage that open like this. Today I see 5-10 videos on John’s blog page, and this is the only one that opened, and the first one in days (maybe I closed the page too soon other days? Other times it is more frequent.
    and sometimes more than one opens at once, so even if I had time to listen at the moment, 2 at at time is too many for me (getting older I guess)
    and is not just this blog site that does it, but other Adobe pages too. And it is not a new effect either—months to years of annoyance.
    Firefox, Mac 10.6.8—

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