Illustrator adds CSS export, more features an overview of forthcoming Illustrator CC features. Of particular interest to Web & interface designers:

Another major addition to Illustrator CC will help you create layouts for websites and mobile devices. The new CSS Properties panel can generate the CSS code automatically for named objects and styles that correspond to your HTML or for unnamed objects, although the feature works better with named objects and styles. Use the Export Options dialog to define how Illustrator treats the objects for the CSS, including whether or not the CSS includes vendor prefixes for working with the very latest CSS features.


3 thoughts on “Illustrator adds CSS export, more

  1. Why pick this site to feature new functionality?
    [Mine? I guess you’re new around here. –J.]

  2. Brilliant!!! Innovative!!! And… already in Fireworks CS6.
    [And in Photoshop. The fact that LiveMotion (my first product) did brilliant PSD import didn’t mean that the feature was unneeded in Flash, nor did it save LM in the marketplace. I’m sorry Fireworks could never get beyond its niche. I always admired & rooted for that app. The key thing is to solve user problems, so now we’ll re-route and do so via other tools. –J.]

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