Dreamweaver gets Live Highlights, a new rendering engine, & more

Dreamweaver CC has “integrated a brand new rendering engine, which displays web content with the same performance and HTML5 technology support available in Google Chrome™. Now you can spend more time in Dreamweaver CC and less time switching in and out of the browser to test your content.”

The new Live Highlight feature

enables you to visualize the relationships between the HTML elements in Live View and applied CSS selectors. Inspect and highlight elements in Live View in real time while you interact with the CSS Designer. Simply hover and click Selectors in the CSS Designer to see Live Highlight in action.

Perhaps obviously by now, this is a free update for Creative Cloud members.

5 thoughts on “Dreamweaver gets Live Highlights, a new rendering engine, & more

  1. This is probably the wrong place to ask, but I just bought a new laptop and want to download CC apps, but I need to get the CS6 version (the only ones I use are Dreamweaver, for Coldfusion, and Fireworks…both of which I understand are absent from the latest release).
    Is that possible? Or am I toast.

  2. @Mark, you’re not toast at all – all Creative Cloud members have access to download and use both CC and CS6, even on the same computer if you want.
    So you can use either Dreamweaver CC or CS6 together with Fireworks CS6 (which wasn’t updated to CC as you noted, but remains available to you).

  3. As a non CC member, the word free is a little strong. The update is available for everyone who is up to date on their rental fees.
    Thanks for the information. It is helpful.

  4. where are the many feature updates promised for CC??
    [For which app(s) in particular? I believe a bunch of new Photoshop improvements were previewed at PS World this morning. I don’t want to speak out of turn, but I can say that it will be a busy fall. –J.]

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