Photography: Lighting for Liquids

Creating the eye-popping Liquid Series* required Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz & team to get creative with high-speed lighting. They share behind-the-scenes details on their blog and in this short video:

[Vimeo] [Via Iván Cavero Belaunde]
*Note: Includes tasteful nudity, in case that’s problematic for you

2 thoughts on “Photography: Lighting for Liquids

  1. I have seen this before but really liked it…by the way I just to the new Iphone5S, I wanted to use the new 120fps video, only to find out it does not import as recorded…Can you forward this one to Adobe team Premier Pro. When I attempted to export to Premier Pro CC want not able to get the result. YIKES, sort of a newbie to video but bummed out when Adobe could not assist me. I understand the 120fps in the new phone is no a true 120fps….so any help from you good folks would help
    Ken in KY

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