Would you do this? OKDOTHIS

Here’s an interesting app meant to provide inspiration/challenges and let you inspire/challenge others:

We call ideas “DOs.” Create your own DO and share it. Or, try someone else’s DO and see what happens… [A]ny photo you take can become an idea catalyst. And every idea can become an unlimited number of photos. 

Hmm—I’m intrigued. But will you actually do this? Will anyone? I can only guess (as can the creators, I’d imagine).

Last year I asked, “Would you go to the ‘design gym’ with me?,” proposing to challenge & reward people, helping them sharpen their skills. I still think there’s some promise there, but it’s easy to get quite wrong. It’ll be interesting to see how OKDOTHIS, well, does.

[Via Will Eisley]
[Update: Zero comments in 24 hours? I’m guessing that’s a “no.”]

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