Photoshop Photography Program extended through Feb. 28

In case you didn’t see the news earlier, I’m happy to say that anyone who owns a CS3 or later Adobe product can get Photoshop, Lightroom, 20GB of online storage, and a Behance ProSite for $9.99/month until the end of February. You can sign up here.

5 thoughts on “Photoshop Photography Program extended through Feb. 28

  1. Just wondering if this is available on an educational version of Photoshop CS5 extended.
    [It is. –J.]
    If not, can you upgrade to a commercial version to qualify for this deal?

  2. I’m wondering how could I pay a full year of PS CC in one payment and not that monthly vampire drinking my blood drop by drop. Eg: Could be that possible with a reseller? (and maybe paying with Paypal…)

  3. Regrettably not quite true. Anyone living where Adobe thinks folks should live can take advantage of this offer. If you happen to live in (say) Iceland, then it makes no difference that you have tracked Lightroom upgrades since BC (and own CS5) – the offer doesn’t apply to you.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to continue to purchase new versions from Adorama (Adobe won’t sell them to me on-line).

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