Lightroom SF gathering set for Thursday, Jan. 30

Knowledge, nerdery, and pizza; what’s not to like?

Sean Teegarden is a Los Angeles-based freelance photographer, specializing in portraiture, still life, and commercial advertising. […] 

Shooting projects for editorial and advertising clients calls for a different set of software demands: different user selects/edits, instant monitoring, multi-platform output and delivery, all of which Lightroom can handle beautifully. Come experience an overview of Lightroom using project based catalogs, tethered shooting requirements, client delivery methods, and archiving for the post-production and portfolio conscience.

Pizza and socializing run 6:30-7:00.  Sean’s presentation will start at 7:00 and run until 8:00. Please RSVP here.

2 thoughts on “Lightroom SF gathering set for Thursday, Jan. 30

  1. Some of the Adobe-sponsored Meetup Groups do now record their “proceedings”, with subsequent viewing via Adobe Connect … the one I participate with (RMAUG, in Denver) does this (and we have beer as well as pizza also!)

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