Lightroom 6 rumored to include GPU acceleration, panos/HDR, and more

You know what’s wrong with the sound of all this? Nothing. Can’t wait to see what my old cronies have been cooking up.

Per PetaPixel, the forthcoming update promises to stitch panoramas while keeping the resulting images raw; merge images to HDR; and offer:

[A]dvanced black-and-white conversions, presets, facial recognition for quickly finding and sorting photos by people, a powerful healing brush, a photo straightening tool that can work even without a horizon line, video slideshows, web galleries, online sharing, and photo book creation.

7 thoughts on “Lightroom 6 rumored to include GPU acceleration, panos/HDR, and more

  1. I know I’m in the minority here but again I think this is putting to much into this product. I want a simple tool to organize my photos and look at them, like I would have in the olden days on a light box and a loupe. Leave all the photo manipulation to Photoshop.

  2. I think that the pros at Adobe see Lightroom for what it really is. A tool for photographers and not graphic designers. Photoshop is still the big dog for pixel pushing but Lightroom is turning into the goto program for camera bugs who want to quickly more their photographer up to the next level.

    That being said I still wish they would build into it a proof / selling program into the web part. Being able to show clients proofs and get their approvals back through the web design would be a real money maker for photographers.

  3. I work with 2x AMD R9 290X @ 1,4 GHz and 1x i7 4790K @ 4,6 GHz on a 4K screen.
    It is just barely possible to work with this setup. The CPU alone is simple too slow to keep it running fast.
    I really NEED a GPU acceleration.

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